Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mariachi Restaurant

I was a bit disappointed after eating at Mariachi Restaurant in Daytona Beach recently. I was hoping to have found a third good Mexican restaurant in the area, but unfortunately Mariachi missed the beat in several respects. Some of the meal was good, some was lacking.

It was an uncharacteristally cold evening in central Florida and the restaurant was not very busy except for a large gathering in one area--a part of some sort it seemed, with a large group having a great time. The tables were elegantly set with white tablecloths and fancy napkins and the restaurant has a nice ambience. We were quickly shown to a table in a warm spot, as requested and Rafael was our waiter. He did take very good care of us. Almost immediate some tortilla chips and salsa appeared. The salsa was just OK, somewhat bland and watery. It was almost like a watered down tomato juice with a few bits of onion, a bit of cilantro, and a few bits of tomato in it. I've had much better salsa at other places.

For a drink, I threw caution to the wind and ordered a mojito. Though it took a bit to arrive, it did arrive. For the $7 price, it was just OK. There was some mint taste, a hint of alchohol, and it was a bit sweet. I am not a mojito expert, but I thought it mediocre at best. However, it was refreshing, I'll say that for it.

We started off with the Tamales for an appetizer ($5). Though they had a good taste, the corn was more pudding like in consitency and somewhat soggy, not firm and a bit drier as it should have been. Still, they had a good chicken flavor. The bit of pico de gallo served with them was good and had a slight kick to it, much better than the salsa.

For my dinner I ordered the Parrillada. Served sizzling on a platter, fajita-style, there was a chunk of chicken and a chunk of beef along with some onions and two long green pepper pieces, and two small pieces of tomato. The chicken was excellent, it was moist and tender and flavorful. The beef was good and had a very nice flavor, but was a bit on the tough side, especially as it sat a bit longer. This was served with three warm tortillas and so i ate it fajita-style. It was pretty good. For sides, there were beans, yellow rice, and guacamole/sour cream on a side plate. The guacamole was bland and tasteless--not good at all. The beans were only ok and also suffered from a certain blandness and needed some salt, among other things. The rice was OK. So overall, this was only an OK meal, and at $17, it was a bit overpriced, I thought.

My friend had the Chimichanga Dinner, a beef chimichanga served with rice and beans. The Chimichanga itself was pretty good and had a nice flavor, and he generally enjoyed it. At $10 it was an OK price, though I'd say a bit overpriced compared to comparable offereings at other places.

All told, our meal for two came to just over $41 with tax. I was not overly impressed. For the money, I'd expect better food. And there is better Mexican food in Daytona Beach, and not all that far away. Next time I'm in the mood for a little Mexican, I will pass this place by in favor of La Fiesta or Maria Bonita, much better Mexican food for the price.
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  1. CF Foodie... I have a suggestion for great seafood... Sunset Harbor Yacht Club in Daytona Beach. We'd be happy to have you a guest.
    Our Sous Chef JT Thoms is legendary!

    Give me call.
    Tracye Miller
    Director of Administration
    Sunset Harbor Yacht Club
    386-947-9900 Ext: 301
    Fax: 386-255-5406

  2. You are crazy, the food there is great! The salsa is homemade and very tastey. Some people don't like hot, ask for hot and spicy, your food looked great, why don't you eat at TACO Bell if you like low grade cheap food. The quality of the food at Mariachi's is excellent and the service is wonderful.Look at the other reviews Mr. picky wicky. You should have order the$1.99 Margareta, it was tasty!!!!

  3. I agree with the above posting!! Mariachi's is AWESOME and you have to get the margarita!!!

  4. Try the new Salsa's Mexican on SR 40 just west of I95! Order the house margarita!! AWESOME!

  5. I can say as a former employee everything is freshly made and the cook is awesome. I go there to get the carna asada (steak) it is better then all the steak house in or around Daytona Beach including the Steak house in the Hilton Hotel which we spent 100 on 2 steaks! The salsa is home made so i don't know what you are talking about I could sit there and eat it for hours it is so good. Definitely try the margarita's they are the best. Oh and for the Mojito they use real mint leaves it it not fake stuff from a mint pant out back so maybe that why u don't taste it as much for its fresh and hard to get a strong taste. I can say the Margaritas are strong and I drink 1 and I got a buzz. I am not defending Mariachi's cause I used to work there but because the food is simply awesome if you don't like it you must not have healthy taste buds!

  6. I agree with the positive reviews. Go back because if you think La Fiesta is better I will have to stop following you immediately. That place is crap compared to Mariachi's.