Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bavarian Restaurant Bar and Grill

 had a very good meal here the other night. The food was excellent though the service was just a bit slow. But, it was a great dining experience overall, and I will be back.

I had eaten lunch at Bavarian Restaurant Bar and Grill some time ago, and that was an excellent experience. At that time, I vowed to return, and did so on a recent Saturday night with my parents and my friend Tommy in tow. It was a good choice.

We arrived about 7:30 on a Saturday evening to find live music--and accordion player--and a fairly full house. We were promptly greeted, given our choice of tables, seated, and given menus.  Our waitress took our drink and appetizer order after we'd had some time to study the menu. As the name indicates, the specialty here is German food. I started with a beer special, a 20 ounce glass of a Weiss beer for a remarkable $3.50. That is a real bargain. We ordered an appetizer, the Sausage Sampler. After receving our drinks, we placed our diner order. And then we waited. There was another large party of about 12 in the dining room and a second party of about 11, and it took a while for our food. Another waiter, perhaps sensing our long wait and that of another table or two, came aroudn and offered bread, which we gladly accepted. It also showed that they noticed and were concerned. The bread was actually very good, a wheat bread with a touch of sweetness, and served warmed. 

After a while, our Sausage Sampler came out. I chose the Bavarian and Nuremberg sausages. They came grilled and sliced, topped with grilled onions, and accompanied by a mustard-remoulade. These were really delicious, we all liked them. The grilled Bavarian sausages were a bit spicy, the Nuremberg ones a litte more tame. But both were good, especially when paired with the sweetness of the grilled onions and the tartness of the mustard-remoulade. This was a definite hit. And then we waited some more, though we were served more bread and our waitress and the waiter assured us dinner would be arriving soon.

I will say this about dinner--it was well worth the wait! Let's start off with what the others had. Dad and Mom elected to share the Pork Shank. Itwas a huge meal. A huge pork shank was slow grilled with some "secret" spices. The fat had all melted away, a testament to a great cooking process. There was a lot of meat and I had a taste--absolutely delicious! For go-withs they had the red cabbage and mashed potatoes and gravy, and also added a side of the spaetzle. This was a huge meal. Though Mom and Dad shared it, they still had a doggy bag to take home as well. 

For his dinner, Tommy ordered the Wiener Schnitzel with chicken. This was a pounded, flat piece of chicken breast that was breaded and fried. It was delicious as well, nice and crisp, with tender chicken that held up well to this cooking process. For go-withs Tommy had the creamy coleslaw and the mashed potatoes and gravy. The coleslaw was good, nice and creamy but with a good sharp bite as well. One thing to note, both my folks and Tommy had originally requested a baked potato, but shortly after ordering were told that they were out, so switched to the mashed potatoes, which were very good after all.

For my dinner I ordered the Rouladen. This was a good choice. It was fantastic, actually. This was sliced beef, rolled and stuffed with sauteed mushroom, pickles and bacon, seasoned wiht mustard and hebs, and then simmered for hours in a homemade gravy. It was soooo good. Now, I will say that the actual sliced beef was a bit dry, but the succulent stuffing made up for all that. I could tastes the onions and the pickle, and got a hint of bacon. It was fantastic. My Red Cabbage was also very good--it was still a bit crisp so did not suffer over cooking. The flavor was spot on. Same for the spaetzle, they were delicious, especially when mixed with some of the gravy. Simply divine.

One other minor criticism: my dinner was plated a bit on the messy side. A few dribbles of red cabbage and gravy, this should have been cleaned up a bit before being served. Yes, it's only a minor thing, and probably speaks to the fact that the service was slow. But still....

This was a very good meal, one of the best German meals I've had. I would highly recommend Bavarian Restaurant Bar and Grill to all.
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