Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fresh on the Fly -- again!

I had lunch at Fresh on the Fly yesterday with some friends from work and we all agreed that it was good. I see that on today, it's rated the #75 restaurant in Orlando, no mean feat!

I had the Mahi Mahi BLT sandwich and it was wonderful. A bit messy to eat, perhaps, but finger-licking good, believe me. I had a bite of just the mahi-mahi and found that it was cooked to absolute perfection! It was tender, moist, and flavorful, and grilled blackened as requested. It was served with bacon, a fried green tomato, and greens and dressed with a Florida citrus and chipotle aioli. All I can say is "awesome." It was an excellent choice and well worth it. I'm sure I'll be back, this is an excellent lunch and dinner spot. But if you're going there for lunch, arrive early, it fills up fast, a testament to the fine food!
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