Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mikado Japanese Cuisine

I went to Mikado Japanese Cuisine with a few coworker for lunch recently, and we were all in agreement--very good! It was a very pleasant surprise. I'm not all that familiar with Japanese cuisine, but they have an extensive sushi and sashimi menu--besides other things--and we all left very satisifed. We all agreed: we'd return again, it was very good.

I ordered a lunch special, two sushi rolls, and it came with a choice of soup or salad. I had the salad. It was very good. An assortment of greens was dressed with a ginger dressing. Now, for my taste, the ginger could have been a bit stronger, but still, it was very good and nicely refreshing.

For my lunch I had two sushi rolls, both cooked. One with chicken, one with shrimp. Both were very, very good! The accompanying wasabi was expecially good as well. For about $10, I had a really good meal. I'd come back here again, anytime. The service was extremely attentive as well. Excellent job, excellent food. Yumm!
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  1. Your review (and most of the others on this site) do absolutely nothing to tell me about the restaurant or their food. Your use of the word "good" so many times is just a waste of words. That doesn't tell me anything about your experience. Any person with decent reviewing skills should not use such vague vocabulary such as good, nice, very good, very nice, etc...Try to put a little more effort into these reviews, please. People are actually curious to read about these places!