Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Food Truck Bazaar

I attended my first Food Truck Bazaar organized by The Daily City recently, and came away very impressed. First off, I am a big fan of downtown Sanford--they host a ton of fun events, and I do mean Fun with a capital "F!" We often hang out in Sanford, usually at our favorite watering hole, The Palette, located inside Art Affair Gallery on First Street in historic downtown Sanford. So when we heard that there was going to be a Food Truck Bazaar nearby, we were all ears. We headed to The Palette to enjoy the happy hour, but then eventually walked the scant block or two away to see what this "food truck bazaar" was all about. I was impressed. About 12-18 food trucks had gathered in a parking lot near the Courthouse building near downtown and there were a ton of people there. The selection was fantastic. Want a cupcake? They got 'em. Want a taco--what kind, many to choose from. Like seafood? Take your pick. Mac 'n Cheese tempting you? The hard part is deciding.

The Daily City organizes quite a few "food truck roundups" during the course of the month, and they are generally repeating events, happening every month on the same weekday (first Saturday was Sanford's, but there are more).

I will write later about the various places we ate, because we had great food and one helluva lot of fun. We even got to meet the organizer and CE) of The Daily City, Mark Baratelli. Hey Mark, a great event--see you there next month, for sure! Not only did we meet him at the gathering, we ran into him later at The Palette. What a great and fun night that was.

I now have the first Saturday of every month on my calendar and you know where I'll be--at The Food Truck Bazaar in downtown Sanford. It was a blast!


  1. You call yourself Lake Mary Food Critic and blog about a food truck event in Sanford, however there is a food truck event in Lake Mary every last Sunday of the month, we have also seen you there so you can;t say you did not know... very interesting, A little Biased are we now?

  2. YOu do not know me, because i have never been to any food truck event in Lake Mary. Ever. But, I'd sure be interested if you'd post some useful information about it! Don't hide behind "anonymous!" Send me an email, tell me about it. It's news to me. But then again, I never pretended to know everything....

  3. I'm interested in having a Food Truck Bazar in The Villages at my Internet Café building located at 13599 Hwy 441, possibly a weekly event. Are traffic on the hwy is huge, I think we could do great business together. Someone please give me a call at 3524509223