Saturday, April 7, 2012

Włoskie Kanapkę Małe Gryzie

So, what are "Włoskie Kanapkę Małe Gryzie?" Well, it is Polish for Italian Sandwich Small Bites. We were recently invited to two parties on one day. Since I love to cook (and make great food), I had to think long and hard about what kind of creation I could bring. But, with the help of my friend, Tommy, I was able to come up with something. I didnt' know what to call them, so decided to give them a Polish name, hence "Włoskie Kanapkę Małe Gryzie" or  Italian Sandwich Small Bites, because I used a lot of Italian flavors and meats and made this into some small bites.
So, here's what I did:

I started with an Arnold's sandwich round. I opened it up and I toasted it a bit wth a blowtorch. Yes, I said a blowtorch! This got a bit of caramelization on the buns. For a dressing, I caramelized some onions for about an hour on the stove over low heat, just enough to really bring out the sugars in the onions. I then took about 2-3 parts of mayo and added one part of sour cream. To that I added the caramelized onions and some finely chopped, fresh tarragon. I let this side in the refrigerator for a while to marry the flavors.

Eventually it was time to make my little sandwiches. To each on I put on some of the "special" mayo, then a layer of thin-sliced radishes, and then a bit of romain lettuce, about two layers. Then I added two slices of genoa salami, a slice of smoked sharp provolone, and two slices of nice and spicy capicoolla. I topped all of this with some alfalfas sprouts and then topped with the other half of the Arnold's round, already slathered with some of the mayo mix. Finally, i topped each one with six pieces of marinated, roasted red peppers, put in toothpics, and sliced into sixths.

Then, I just stood back and watched them disappear. Everyone loved them!


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