Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I had lunch at Sake Thai and Sushi restaurant in Debary recently and was quite impressed. It has not been around for very long, but the food was sure good, the service wonderful, and I would love to come back some time for a full dinner.

I met my friend Tommy here for lunch recently. He started with Miso Soup which was good, I had a salad. But i also ordered a bowl of the Tom Yung Goong Soup, one of my favorites. It was good. I asked for it with medium heat and there was a nice bit of heat in it. One thing that seemed a bit low key was the lemongrass, it was not very predominant. But still, overall, I enjoyed my bowl of soup very much. 

We both had spring rolls with our lunch special. They were good but small. Still, they did hit the spot and had a nice wholesome freshness to them, jsut a bit of cabbage and greens inside gave them a mild flavor.

For my main course I had the Volcano Chicken. First off, the presentation was superb. Some julienne carrots were a foundation, then broccoli and mini corns, topped with two chicken medallions that were breaded and fried and nice and tender. It was topped by a nice sweet-sour chili sauce that had just the right amount of heat. And on the side a pile of finely julienned carrot. The presentation matched the taste because it was mighty tasty. It was served with a side of white rice that was just perfect for picking up some of the extra chili sauce.

My friend Tommy had the Pork Fried Rice. This was a nice portion of rice and had a great flavor. Too often soy sauce is used and overpowers fried rice, but this was not the case at all and there were plenty of chunks of pork in it as well. It was very tasty. And just like the other dishes, the presentation as fantasic, the dish just plain looked good to eat, and it was.

We had a very nice lunch here, now I'd like to come back for dinner sometime. And i saw some of the sushi that came out--it looked fantastic as well. Next time....!
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