Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quickfire Sub Station

We decided to give Quickfire Sub Station a try on a recent Friday night, based on some good reviews on Urbanspoon. However, I'm not sure I went to the right place. What I found was food swimming in salt, and that was disappointing. There was some good, but overall, based on price, service, and taste, I do not plan on returning. More about what we were charged in a bit.

First off, the food. Well, I ordered the Train Wreck (small) and the combo, so also a Tortilla Soup and a drink. The first thing I tasted was the Tortilla Soup. It left me wondering if the cook tastes what they make and server. The overwhelming taste was salt. I could detect some beef (I guess) base in the background, but mostly I tasted salt. They claimed that there was a bit of a spice to the soup, but all i tasted was salt. It was below average. The sandwich was OK, but just OK. There was a lot to it and a lot of flavors, bacon, ham, turkey, etc. It was a bit messy to eat--actually, a lot messy--but overall, pretty tasty. For $5.99 I would say it's a value. 

My friend Tommy had the french dip and Chicken soup, also ordering the combo. His soup was OK, nothing spectacular, but at least not wildly oversalted. Unfortunately, the french dip itself, the jus, was very salty and not very appetizing. His roast beef, supposedly homemade, was just average at best. It was well done, not what i'd expect from homemade roast beef. 

Perhaps the best part of the meal would have been the french fries, had they been a little less salted. Again with the salt!  They were hot and fresh, seasoned fries. They were pretty good if you could get past the salt. 

My big suggestion to this family run business: get the salt in hand, taste the food, and put a salt shaker on the table. Under-salted is better than oversalted, and most of what I had here was way over-salted, pure and simple. 

The service was OK but certainly not stellar. The table we sat at needed cleaning, and in the whole time we were there, I did not once see anyone cleaning any of the empty tables. 

We paid $22.24 before tax for what we had. In looking at my receipt this morning, it just does not add up for what we ordered. In other words, it was not rung up correctly and we ended up overcharged. We had two small subs at $5.99 each. We each added the combo (we had soup) for another $3.49 each. And we added a small order of fries for $1.99. The receipt, however, only shows one combo soup (comes with a drink) at $3.49. Then it shows another soup at $2.99 and a drink at $1.79 (the combo comes with a drink). So, we were overcharged by $1.29, plus tax. That does not inspire confidence in me.

Overall, I was not that impressed. Perhaps if they tasted their food, paid a bit more attention to employee training on the register, paid more attention to keeping the dining area clean, and laid off on the salt and tasted everything, it would have been a better experience. However, this is an independently owned, family run business, according to their web site. It's fairly new. Maybe there are just a few kinks to work out. I hope so and I hope they succeed. I invite you to give it a try and see what you think. Feel free to comment here or write your own review on
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  1. the quickfire cheese steak is the best sub around, when I go to a restaurant I always order the signature sub and I judge a restaurant on their best item.