Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tibby's New Orleans Kitchen

We ate with friends at Tibby's New Orleans Kitchen recently and were impressed. The Shrimp & Andouille Cheddar Grits I had were outstanding, among the best I've ever had. First of all, presentation is king, and this was a nice presentation. Creamy, cheesy grits were surrounded by red-wine gravy. There were about 9 shrimp on top, and they were cooked perfectly. The dish was finished with a bit of andouille which gave it a nice bite and a bit of heat. The red-winegravy was nice and tangy with a deep rich flavor. And the cheddar grits? Quite creamy and tender, not at all starchy with a nice cheddar cheese flavor. This was a hit for me and I'd order it again and again.

My friend Tommy had the half-size 12-Napkin Roast Beef Sandwich. I'm not sure he needed 12 napkins, but the roast beef was plenty tasty, though just a bit chewy. The fries were absolutely outstanding. It certainly was a bit messy, just as promised. 

We'd started out with some fried pickle and found them to be very good, not over-breaded, nice and tangy, with a tasty remoulade.

We were here with friends and we all agreed that this was a great meal--we'd all return again!


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