Saturday, September 10, 2016

Dreamy Cakes

I've stopped a Dreamy Cakes several times, and right now I wish I'd taken some photos of their unique interior. It's a very quaint, warm, and inviting place. When you step into Dreamy Cakes, you feel like you've stepped outside an old home that's been converted into a shop/restaurant--you are looking at the exterior of a home they've built inside. It's really worth stopping in just to see it.

We've had their cupcakes a few times, but recently when my husband was working nearby and I had the day off, I stopped by to get lunch for him, to go. First I got the ham and cheese croissant. It was nice and buttery, and we split it, so it was filling. I do wish it'd had a bit more ham (and cheese, since I'm a cheese-a-holic), but it wast tasty. Nothing highly special, but definitely tasty and hit the spot. 

But of course the main draw here is their bakery, and at that they surely excel. Tommy has the sweet tooth in our house, and so I ordered for him a Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcake. OMG, it was to die for. First, let me apologize for the picture, the top got a bit smushed in the transport. But we've had this and other cupcakes at Dreamy Cakes before, and they really are good--tender, moist, tasty, and above all, highly sugary, topped "mile high" with a light, fluffy frosting. The presentation sure is wonderful, but the tasty very good. 

They have another item on their lunch menu that i want to try, a Walnut Chicken Waldorf salad that I've heard great things about--I'll have to give that a try next time, and I'm sure there'll be a next time. 

So next time you have a sweet tooth, be sure to try Dreamy Cakes, I'm sure they'll satisfy that craving. And lunch is pretty good, too. I think I'd eat in next time, just to enjoy the unique and warm outdoor-indoor feeling.


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