Saturday, August 6, 2011

Don Pablo's

My friend Tommy and I had dinner at Don Pablo's in Sanford recently, and it was pretty good for the price. We started out, of course, with the complimentary chips and salsa. They really are very good. The chips were nice and fresh and the salsa had a great flavor--though of course I could have used just a bit of heat with it. But still, it was among the bettter salsa's I've had in a chain restaurant.

I chose a combination platter that came with three enchiladas and two tacos, as well as teh trimmings. It was a lot of food. There were three enchiladas, one each of chicken, ground meat, and cheese. All were delicious, and each served a bit differently, two with various red sauces, one with a green sauce. I liked them. 

The dinner also came with two tacos, one soft with chicken, one hard with beef. Both were also delicious. And of course, refried beans and rice were the accompaniments.
My Friend Tommy had the Chimichanga with spicy beef. I did not find the beef exceptionally spicy but it did have a nice, gentle heat to it. The meat itself was just a bit on the tough side, however. Still, it was not a bad dish. It was also accompanied by refried beans and rice.

Overall this was a good meal, and a big meal. We both had leftover to take home, in part due--I am sure--to the chips and salsa. I've always enjoyed the food at Don Pablo's, though at times I find it a bit loud inside with lots of noise. If there are some noisy parties going on, the space is large and very open and it resounds through the place. They also make their tortillas there fresh, and it shows. Overall a good experience.  Don Pablo's on Urbanspoon