Friday, May 14, 2010

Alive After Five: Sanford de Mayo

On the second Thursday of each month, First Street in Downtown Sanford is blocked off for the Alive After Five party. May's theme was Sanford de Mayo. The music was Mexican and much of the food decidedly Mexican as well.

I have been attending this event almost every month for a good three quarters of a year and I love it, each and every time. Basically there is a stage and live music set up on one corner, and both sides of the street are lined with vendors handing out food and drink samples and of course promoting their business. Some of the fare is pretty standard--a window business handing out little samples of chips and store-bought salsa. But some of it is pretty amazing--the restaurant Two Blondes and a shrimp was handing out there absolutely delicious Tortilla Soup. It was awesome! 

Of course one of my favorite places to hang out is Art Affair Gallery, mostly because my friend Tommy has a lot of his artwork there. I've gotten so that I know a number of the artists. And, I've been making food for some of their events. Usually on the second Thursday they have an Artist's show opening and that was the case this month, a show by metal sculptor Julie Kessler. She does some really fine metal work and work in other media. It's great that she has the show room all to herself this month. You can read more about Art Affair's words in another blog as well, Abbe's World of Wildlife. Check it out!

I also do my part for Alive After Five many months. This month for Julie's opening I provided the food. That is to say, I did the cooking, too. For Sanford de Mayo I made Mexican Chili Slices and Sangria de Mayo. I will be writing about that here in my blog in the next few days. I'll even give you the recipe!

Admission to the event is $7 and for that you get a wrist band that entitles you to all the samples you can eat and drink. You also get two beer tickets, and a "coin" good for the sponsored food vendor. This month it was co sponsored by Don Pablo's in Sanford, they had tacos. I went by late and they were all out, they'd served 2500 people! Later they brought in some shrimp and I had them, they were delicious.

Next month the theme is Blues and Bar-Be-Q. Also coinciding with it will be the opening of an art show by my friend and artist, Tom Abbott. So I will again come up with some yummy themed concoction for his opening. Any ideas? Alive After Five is always a very fun time. Check it out, it is THE place to be in Central Florida on the second Thursday of each month 5-8 PM, on First Street in downtown Sanford. Arrive early to get a good parking spot. And stop by Art Affair Gallery, try some of my food, and tell me what you think!


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