Thursday, April 8, 2010

Village Corner

Village Corner is a very nice, authentic German restaurant set in the shadow of Stone Mountain, GA. I was fortunate to eat lunch here recently with a groub of friends.  

Our group of 10 arrive here around 1:30 on an overcast afternoon and were promptly seated in a private room, a nice setting for the ten of us. Our drink orders were promptly taken and questions about the menu quickly answered. Eventually, we all ordered. For an appetizer, we had a giant pretzel with mustard. Giant is the word for it. The pretzel was very good, and the mustard served with it was excellent.

We had a variety of lunches but I'll concentrate on mine, mostly. But first, I have to make mention of the Sausage platter for two that two of our group ordered. Oh my god, what a feast--and certainly more food than two could eat. Bratwurst, sausages, potatoes, sauerkraut, and mustard, this was a huge platter of food that was very good. This was indeed a feast!

I ordered the Jaeger Schnitzel. I've had Jaeger Schintzel before at other places, and this was as good as any I've had. The schnitzel was tender and juicy, and covered with a mushroom gravy. OK, time for my only complaint: the mushroom gravy had a bit of a gray color to it, not the normal rich brown that I'd expect. The taste was spot-on, just the color was a bit off. It was served with wonderful spaetzle, and with red cabbage that was excellent--tender, a bit tangy, and very flavorful. This was a very good meal and I ate every single bit of it.

We had a very nice meal here, and I'd certainly recommend Village Corner German Restaurant to anyone in the area. Give it a try, it's great German food!
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