Sunday, October 17, 2010

Buck's Seafood Buffet and More

At a recent second Thursday of the month Alive after Five event in Sanford, Buck's Seafood Buffet and More was there, handing out some samples. Based on that experience, my friend Tommy and I decided to head there on a recent Friday evening and give them a try. 

We went there base on a "buy one get one half off" coupon and decided to try the Seafood, all you can eat buffet for $13.95, full price. Now, in all honestly, it wasn't all that bad...but then again, it wasn't all that great, either.  

So I had the seafood buffet along with a salad. The salad was decent, for sure. The seafood buffet was OK, some winners, some loosers, and some items were just a draw.

For winnners, I'd have to pick the fried shrimp and the cormeal crusted catfish--both were pretty good. Add to that the baked haddock, also quite nice.

For misses and near misses, though, the list in longer. The mac n cheese, while somewhat cheesy, had been cooking way too long and the "mac" part of it was totally overcooked. The cheesy grits, though OK in flavor, were just too runny. The "peel and eat" shrimp were not flavored with--well, with anything, they were very bland.

Tater tots? Only average. Onion rings? Nothing to write home about. Clam strips? Well, Tommy said they were good. Tartar sauce for the fish? Out of a container and very below average.

So, overall, our meal here was just OK. The decor is nice and we had good service, no doubt. But I guess a place that is only open two evening a week just isnt' that great of a place, else they'd be open a whole lot more. I'd go elsewhere for my seafood next time, sorry!
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  1. I'm sorry, but you're crazy. I've eaten there for years and never had any issues. For one, EVERYWHERE gets pre-packaged tartar sauce, whether they serve it in the cup it comes in or takes it out and puts it in a bowl is their choice, but NO ONE makes their own anymore. Second, do you know why the restaurant is only open 2 days a week? I didn't think so. The award winning catering is the main part of the business and the restaurant is open to pay tribute to the way the business originally started. Thirdly, I hate to point this out to your brainless palet but not everything is made by the restaurant, however, what you did mention you liked was all lovingly hand made, how many seafood restaurants can claim that? Not many, that's for sure, especially in a time where everything comes pre-packaged & frozen only needing reheating before serving. Clearly the restaurant didn't please you, clearly, not much does. I urge anyone and everyone to challenge you and this review and try the restaurant for themselves rather than have someone tell them what they should or shouldn't like. Decide for yourselves people, don't let some food critic with an overblown ego tell you what you should and shouldn't like. I'm sorry the restaurant owners have to see a tasteless review such as this one that is ever the contradiction.

  2. Unfortunately you gave away your ignorance of the restaurant business with your first sentence. Or perhaps you only eat at McDonald's, Denny's, and Bucks. But more "real" restaurants do make their own tartar sauce if only because it is cheaper in the long run and a superior product.

    Buck's has one of the lowest scores for any restaurant on I've rarely seen "like it" percents below 60, and often those places close soon.

    That's not to say Buck's is terrible--it's just that there are many better choices out there.

    I've had samples of Buck's food at Alive After Five a number of times. Sometimes it's good, sometime's it's not. But it's not consistent, which is the mark of a fine restaurant.

    Of course, I challenge any ready to go here and find out for themselves. But as of today's writing, only 18 out of the 33 people who took the time to vote on liked it. Who do you want to believe, them, or the person above who believes that "no one" makes their own tartar sauce any more?

  3. You have no right to go around calling people ignorant, just makes you ignorant as well. The person who commented is entitled to their own views. Simple fact, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, doesn't make yours superior because you label yourself a "food critic" and simple fact, Bucks has been around since 1974 and will surely outlast your fading career. Also, not many people come to website and rate the food, most often it's people that didn't like it or have some ill will out against the restaurant and are out to get them, kind of like you. I am pretty sure more than 33 people have frequented the restaurant in it's 37 years of business and will continue to do so. You didn't like it, doesn't mean others aren't allowed to just because you tell them no to. Keep walking around with your blind sense of superiority and see what lasts longer, you or small family places like this that you rarely ever see anymore.

  4. No one called you ignorant, only ignorant of the restaurant business...but maybe for you Buck's is fine dining....

    And I did challenge anyone to go to Buck's and form their own opinion. At least I have an open mind and a kind spirit....

  5. You went to a seafood buffet to critique their mac and cheese, tater tots, grits, and onion rings................................ WAT

  6. Exactly! You may catch on yet. It was not much of a seafood buffet.... or anything else, actually.