Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Papa Murphy's Take 'N Bake Pizza

OK, so maybe it's not a restaurant, but it's sure a good concept. You go to Papa Murphy's Take 'N Bake Pizza, you order one or more pizzas with the ingredients you like, and they put it together right in front of your eyes, while you wait (and yes, you can call ahead too, so you don't even have to wait). Then you take the pizzas home, cook them at home according to their directions, and you have fresh, home cooked, piping hot pizza just the way you like it--and no kitchen cleanup to attend to. Brilliant!

I'd received some coupons in the mail and so decided to give them a try. I'm a big fan of "garbage" pizzas, that is, pizza with a lot of toppings, many, many toppings. So we (my friend Tommy and I, after I convinced him a bit)--we decided to try the 5-meat stuffed pizza, regularly $14.99 but I had a coupon for $9.99. The pizza itself was huge and weighed in at almost 4 pounds! Not liking plain hamburger on a pizza, they gladly substitited mushrooms for it. Most of the topping were placed on the dough, then another layer of dough placed on top and the bottom dough crimped to it, then a bit or sauce and the mushrooms and more cheese were placed on top. It was huge.

We took it home and baked it for about 20 minutes according to the directions in my convection oven. It came on a special tray on which it could be baked, too. Sure enough, 20 minutes later it was nice and golden on the outside. I placed it on a big cutting board and cut it with my scimtar. OK, not really a scimtar, just a 12" chef's knife--a pizza wheel would have massacred it. I cut it in half, then the half into four slices. After we each had two, we ourselves were stuffed, and wrapped up the rest for another meal. And the taste? Well, it was very good, I loved it! Now in truth, next time I'd like to try something a bit more simple, but I know there will be a next time. This was so much better than delivery or take-out at Papa John's, and so much easier than making a pizza at home from scratch, and nearly as good. I'll be back!
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  1. ie got to check this place outtt ughhh so sad that its so far away

  2. We are grand opening our store in Longwood this weekend! Maybe that is a little closer for you.
    2425 W State Road 434, right by Starbucks and First Watch in the Springs Plaza Shopping Center.

  3. Im sure the pizza is fine, but part of having "the pizza experience" is either having it in the shop sit-down style or cooked for you and/or having it delivered. This place does neither, and the prices are more expensive in some cases for pizza than one that is cooked and delivered. In my opinion, no pizza on the menu should ever be over $10 if I have to pick it up and cook it myself. If the average pizza is $7, then there is some value there, a little more for a specialty like you ordered but other wise there are plenty of local and chain options that will deliver much more value for less money.

    1. ok enjoy little cesars 5 dollar heated up for you a day before pizzas. answer this, dose anywhere else in america make pizzas fresh in front of you? i didnt think so. and on top of all this, theirs a trick to not payn full price its called coupons shorlock & thier isnt tax so no mess with change. better yet go to culvers and drop 20$ on you and 1 person to eat. then boom no left overs or nothing just 20$ down the drain. bring that money to murphys and get 2 pizzas enough to feed 6-8 people.! wow value at its greatest.

  4. For many years, we looked forward to our summer trips in our motorhome, partly because we would stop at the Papa Murphy's in Utah and load up on pizzas to freeze and bring home. I am so happy they are finally in FL but wish they were some closer to the Tampa Bay area. I have to admit though, it is still worth the 2 hour trip to get these wonderful pizzas to take home.