Friday, October 29, 2010

Cafe Positano NY Pizza

Good New York style pizza at a decent price, that's how I'd summarize Caffe Positano NY Pizza and my recent experience there. I stopped here with my friend Tommy on a recent weekend afternoon. They were not very busy, but not totally dead either. We were quickly greeted and chose a table. Our waitress was polite, friendly, prompt, and accurate.

I started out with a beer and Tommy had an Iced Tea. For starters, we ordered a half order (half dozen) of Garlic Knots. The garlic knots were very good, but quite garlicy--which I liked. The marinara that was served with them, however, was very ordinary. Too bad. But the knots were good, so this was a "thumbs up dish!"

For his main dish, Tommy ordered a Meatball Sub. Oh my, it was absolutely delicious--and huge! The crusty bun was perfect for containing the juiciness of the sub, and with the cheese and sauce, this was very delicious. I will say that the meatballs themselves were kind of ordinary--they could use a bit of pizazz. But overall, it was a great sandwich, one i would certainly order. And it was huge, more than a meal for one.

I was hungry and had big eyes--and a yen for leftovers--so I ordered the Roberto Pizza--it featured fresh mushrooms and fresh onions and was topped with marinated tomatoes. And it was finished with some julienne fresh basil. Oh, and it was huge! I bet it was about 18 inches. But it was also oh, so good. It was a very good thin crust New York style pizza. And enough for a crowd. We only managed to finish half of the meatball sub and half of the pizza. But let me tell you, the pizza was equally great reheated, and i eventually ate every bite of it. Yumm! I'll be back, this was really good pizza!Cafe Positano NY Pizza on Urbanspoon


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