Saturday, July 2, 2011

Blackwater Bar-B-Q

My recent lunch at Blackwater Bar-B-Q was a bit disappointing. I'd heard good things and saw some good reviews, but I found it to be nothing other than ordinary. A coworker from out of town was visiting, and I chose this place to meet. It was just OK however.

I had a lunch special, pulled pork with two sides. There was a decent helping of pulled pork piled between two thick but otherwise ordinary slices of plain white bread--as one reviewer said, garlic toast or something would have been nice. The pulled pork itself was tender and juicy, but upon inspection, i could not find any bark, no smoke ring, and it really didn't have a smoky taste or smell. It was just tender pork, nothing to speak the "Bar-B-Q" in the name of this place. It was good, just didn't speak to me. The two sauces on the table were likewise somewhat unspectacular, one a bit more sweet than the other which was maybe just a tiny bit more spicy. Either or both could have been out of a bottle.

The coleslaw was OK, it's hard to make bad coleslaw, and a bit on the dry side. Tasty, still. I'd high hopes for the beans, as the waitress said they were homemade. But they tasted to me like beans out of a can to which a few pieces of pulled pork had been added. The did not say "Bar-B-Q" at all to me. They were tasty enough, just not special.

I am sad to say my experience here was disappointing. I may consider going back and trying for something that really can show evidence of smoking, such as ribs, but right now, I won't place a priority on that when there are so many other better BBQ joints around. Bummer!
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