Sunday, July 24, 2011

Garlic Crabhouse

I had perhaps the best ever snapper at Garlic Crabhouse the other night. I really mean the best ever. It was truly a delight.

Garlic Crabhouse is not a fancy place, it's more of a diner feel. But boy did I sure feel welcome and well taken care of when we stopped in here for dinner recently.

I started my meal with a salad which was pretty ordinary, standard diner-type of salad, with ranch dressing in a big ole plastic squeeze bottle--one of two choices. It was good and fresh, no complaints.

But then the gem of the meal arrived. I chose a dinner which had snapper and shrimp, prepared jerk-style. The shrimp were good, not over cooked. The jerk was very mild. But the snapper. Oh my! It was absolutely awesome. Tender, moist, creamy, flavorful--it was everything good fish should be--and more. I think it was about the best fish i have ever had in my whole life, and that's a high compliment. 

To go with our meals we had a variety of choices. Mine were salad, red beans and rice, and cabbage. Tommy had the corn on the cob instead of a salad. The red beans and rice were very good, as was the cabbage. The corn was a bit overdone, though, but still edible.

Tommy had the fried tilapia and shrimp, ant it was also very good. The breading was nice and light, cornmeal based, and very good. His shrimp were perhaps just a bit overcooked, but the fish was spot-on.

We had very attentive service during our meal by two of the waitstaff---they were extremely helpful and pleasant. Overall, our experience here was very good. I'd certainly go back again. And again. And again!

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