Monday, April 12, 2010

Buford Highway Farmer's Market

I was in Atlanta for a few days, and we kept driving past this place called Buford Highway Farmer's Market. Well, I finally decided to look it up on the web. It sure sounded like an interesting place, so my friend and I decided to stop in. There is good and bad news here: The bad news is that we don't have anything remotely like this place in Central Florida. The good news is that this is a truly awesome place. I sure wish I lived closer to it!

Buford Highway Farmer's Market is a large indoor specialty food store. They specialize in Asian foods and also have an Eastern European section, beside having some typical American foods, including some south American foods. Their produce section is awesome, filled with all types of exotic fruits and vegetable. I saw fruits and vegetables here that I've only heard of, read about, or seen on Iron Chef America, but never had seen for real. Black Radishes, Dragon Fruit, Golden Beets, they have it all here.

The meat section as well is awesome. Where else can you find your typical meats, but also pig's ears, cow's feet, and pigs uteri. Yes, you read that right, pigs uteri. We did look for Rocky Mountain Oysters but did not find any--perhaps they were sold out.

Ditto for the seafoo section, a large selection of fresh seafood on ice was all laid out, ready for purchase.

Later in the day we also visited the DeKalb County Farmer's Market, and I 'd have to say that this place is better, very different, but larger and better in many aspects. Atlanta is lucky to have such a fine place, for sure.
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