Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Caffe Positano -- again!

Ate yet again at Caffe Positano in Lake Mary the other night and have nothing but good to day about it, yet again.

It was my friend's birthday the other day. When I asked him where he wanted to go to eat, without hesitation he said, "Caffe Positano." It's a good thing. Once again we had an excellent experience, from the food to the service. 

We arrived about 7 PM on a Saturday evening and were promptly greeted and seated in a booth.  Our waitress, Luz, is familiar to us, she's taken care of us before--and always exemplary service.

We started out with some wine while we perused the menu. We eventually decided to forego any appetizer in favor of soup. I ordered the Pasta Fagioli and my friend the Chicken Noodle. At the same time, we ordered our dinners, each of which came with a salad.

The only blip in the evening was the wait. Delicious bread promptly appeared, but it seemed that the salads and soup were a bit slow in coming out. When Luz checked with us, it was to see if we'd had our entree yet. We said, not even a salad. She was shocked and promptly apologized and headed to the kitchen to find out what was going on. She returned quickly with our soup, and then our salads. Then the food came out. Thought the procession was a bit delayed, it was still properly timed. That is, we did not have a compilation of everything all at once. And Luz apologized profusely for the delay. No matter, the food was worth the wait.

My friend's Chicken Noodle soup was quite tasty--all it should be. My Pasta Fagioli was excellent--great flavor, just about perfect. Our salads were very good as well--fresh, flavorful, and not overpowering.

But the stars of the night were then entrees. Well, almost. But anyhow... My friend had teh Chicken Mama Mia--tender chicken with a balsamic vinegar reduction with shitake mushrooms and a bit of cream. It was absolutely delicous.

I had one of the specials: lobster stuffed ravioli in a brady creme sauce with shrimp and scallops--eating does not get much better than this. Every bit of the food was absolutely delicious. The shrimp were tender, the scallops tender, and the ravioli delicious. With the brandy creme sauce, it was a wonderful meal. I ate every bit of it. I'd have licked the plate clean, had no one been looking. Yes, it was that good.

After we polished off all our food, Luz returned with the dessert menus, insisting that we order dessert "on the house" due to the delay in our food. How could we resist?  I'm not sure where we found the room, but we did order: a strawberry tiramisu, and a chocolate cannoli.

Oh my god! First off, the presentation of the desserts was to die for. Wow, they looked spectacular. But the taste as right-on as well. We had some of the most excellent dessert I've ever had. The tiramisu had bits of whole strawberry accenting the delicate ladyfinger flavor. The chocolate of the cannoli was sharp, but not bitter. Excellent desserts. No, outstanding. Wow. That's all I can say. 
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