Thursday, November 26, 2009

That Deli! - again

One of my favorite sandwich places in the Lake Mary area is That Deli! So when a friend and I wanted a quick bite on the evening before Thanksgiving, that's where we went. We were not disappointed. It was his first visit there, and he was impressed.

We arrived around 7 PM on a Wednesday evening. It was very quiet--I'm sure most people were bush making last minute holiday preparations. No matter. We were greeted promptly upon entering and offered assistance and advice. We perused the menu, had some questions, and ordered at the counter. My friend asked about the garlic mayo that was on one of the sandwiches. The chef/owner explained that it was indeed garlicy, but he could use regular mayo too. My friend went for that, then asked about getting just a bit of horseradish on the side. Again, no problem! The chef/owner (I think his name is Gus) said he'd make a horseradish mayo, and he did. Now that is great service! Outstanding!

We both chose the soup option for our "go-withs." My friend had the Clam Chowda--a rich and creamy broth which had lots of clams and potatoes in it. It was truly very, very good. I went for the Butternut Squash and Dill soup--it was excellent. Rich and thick with the flavor of butternut squash, the dill was a perfect accent--not overpowering but giving a subtle complimentary flavor. There was a bit of spice, too, nutmeg, I believe, and maybe a hint of cinnamon--extremely subltle but giving it interest and highlighting the delicate sweetness of the squash. There was also a slight kick to the soup--perhaps a hint of cayenne, very muted but giving a depth of interest. This was an excellent soup, mainly because the butternut squash was the star and all the other ingredients served to highlight its rich savoriness and subtle sweetness.

But then it was on the the main course--our sandwiches (panin). My friend had one of the day's specials, the Call Me Jack. This was hot roast beef with Colby cheese, and roasted red peppers, served with sourdough bread and hot, grilled panini-style. As I mentioned, it normally contains a Garlic Mayo, but they were very accomodating and substituted a quick-made horseradish mayo. It was delicious: the tender roast beef piled high and complimented by the Colby cheese and roasted red peppers. This was a real hit, according to my friend.

I ordered the Sanhamford, a wonderful sandwich made with hot sliced ham, melted brie, tomato and sprouts. It too is served grilled panini-style and I had mine on wheat bread. Yumm, what a wonderful sandwich. The saltiness of the ham played against the tomato's need for a bit of salt, and the cheese added not only a layer of flavor, but a whole creaminess to the sandwich. With the crunch of the panini-toast, the sprouts added yet a bit more crunch to make a sandwich that was not only full of flavor, but also fun to eat--it felt good in my mouth to feel and taste the different textures. This was a very good sandwich.

I have been to That Deli! a number of times now and have always--always-- had a great meal. We chatted a bit with the chef/owner--he used to be a chef at a resort in the northeastern US and do meals for many big bands and shows that came to the area--catering. The walls of That Deli! are covered with many signed show posters and some very well known names adorn that wall. But some time ago his wife had the chance to change jobs or locations and they moved to Florida--they were tired of the northern winters.  Finding a job in hard economic times and being near 50 was not easy, so he invested in That Deli! They opened in February 2009, right smack dab in the middle of the recession. But I've been there at lunch time a number of times and am always happy to see them always busy. I think they have an excellent product at a very fair and reasonable price. I'll be on the bandwagon tooting their horn all I can. I'm really in favor of supporting smaller, locally-owned restaurants. I suggest you give That Deli! a try. They also do custom catering--while we were there, two young ladies came in to pick up the turkey they'd ordered. It was ready to be reheated in an aluminum pan and seemed to be a large amount. They seemed happy, that's for sure. So That Deli! caters, too--keep it in mind or just give them a try for lunch, you will not be disappointed, I promise!
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  1. I still haven't tried That Deli! Those pics look good. I think I'll check it out sometime soon.


  2. This is David St. Pierre from That Deli. On behalf of all of us, I'd like to thank you for the wonderful review. My father's name is Roy, and I will be sharing this review with him tomorrow morning. It's people like you who have helped us grow this business with word of mouth and web marketing and have helped keep a family owned business running. Thank you again, Dave.