Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nico Globos

There's a new restaurant in Lake Mary, and it has lots of promise. At least, my first visit there gives me hope that it will turn into a great restaurant. Nico Globos opened about three weeks ago, and a friend and I decided to give it a try last night. Though there were a few uneven spots, I was generally happy with my dining experience there.

The concept is simple and the "European Eatery" that's a subtitle to their name says it all. It's a small place, I believe I counted a total indoor capacity of 36, plus there is additional seating outside if desired. One set of five tables is each big enough for about six adults. Along the other side of the aisle are three small tables, almost big enough for two--a full dinner would have it a bit crowded there. The decor with the stone and brickwork gives it a somewhat European feel, too. The lighting is subtle but adequate and the mood intimate.

We were promptly greeted upon entering and shown to one of the small tables--there were no booths open at that time. Later on when some of the larger tables opened our waitress offered to move us there, which we gladly did. When we inquired about one of the menu items, our waitress did have to go back and find out what was in it. According to their handout menu, the menu changes weekly! The menu is brief. About 5 appetizers, some salads, and entrees. Not a huge selection. However, I'd rather see a place do a few things very well than lots of stuff mediocre. We were not disappointed in the food.

We started with an appetizer of a Truffled Mushroom Tart. It was very good. Though I detected just a hint of flouriness or a tiny bit of pasty-ness, it was nonetheless delicious. The delicate tart held up the hearty mushroom filling quite well. It was served next to a small bed of fresh greens, more for coloer than anything, but they definitely were made to be eaten as they were lightly dressed. This was a definite win.

On to dinner. My friend ordered the Braised Short Ribs. They were served with hearty mashed potatoes. The short ribs were boneless but definitely tender and juicy, very flavorful. The potatoes were hearty and everthing good mashed potatoes should be--and they stood on their own. The dish could have benefited from a bit of vegetable on the plate, maybe a few glazed carrots or something. Still, overall it was a good dish.

I had the Salmon Puttanesca. This was very good. The salmon was tender, flaky, flavorful, and cooked just right. It was not overcooked so was moist and juicy. The puttanesca was all it should be--the tomato flavor was very bright and accented by the garlic, capers, and olives. I did not detect any fishiness from anchovy, but there was just a bit of a kick from some red pepper flakes, i assume. The dish was graced with two small potato halves that had been baked and perhaps fried a bit, and they were topped with three small spears of tender, young asparagus. The asparagus was delicious--I would have loved a bit more of it. Overall, this was a very successful dish. It had flavor, nutrition, and color for a great presentation.

At the end of the meal we requested and promptly got some bread. The reason? The puttanesca sauce. It was begging to be sopped up in a bit of bread. The bread they brought was perfect, a sort of dense french bread, maybe even a sourdough. It made a good sponge for the very tasty sauce.

Several times while we were there we had a manager stop by and ask how it all was. Later on the way out, she answered a few of our questions. As I mentioned there were a few rough spots, but overall this was a successful dining experience. I'd love to go back in a few months once they've been around a while. The place was adequately staffed and we did not wait long for anything. The menu is a bit limited with only 5 entrees, and none of them included any poultry.  But what we had was good, so no big complaints.

Our meal included a glass of wine and a draft beer (an IPA, yumm!), and iced tea, one appetizer and two entrees. The total before tax and tip was just under $50, not cheap, but not exceedingly expensive for the decent meal we had.

Nice Globos is located in "downtown" Lake Mary, an area of a few new shops right across from the City Hall and park. It's a great location. Just up the road and around the corner is another favorite of mine, Delano's on the Park. This is a nice location. It will be a great place to sit outside and eat once the park is decorated for Christmas. I hope to come back. I enjoyed my experience and want to try it again. The lunch and breakfast menus look interesting--though limited--as well. I hope to return soon.
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  1. And there's live entertainment Friday evening and Sunday for brunch!

  2. just ate at nico globos on saturday. great meal. we were simply surprised.

  3. If you like your waiter and cook smoking cigarettes while you dine then Nico Globos is the place for you.