Monday, November 9, 2009

Dancing Avocado Kitchen

Eclectic Place. Good Food. On Beach Street in "downtown" Daytona Beach. We were attending the Halifax Arts Festival last Sunday and getting a bit peckish. We'd wanted to eat at Dancing Avocado Grill as heard it was good, but they are mostly open daytimes, never at night. So we took the opportunity to have lunch there. They do serve breakfast, but only until 11. We were too late for that. And normally they are closed on Sundays. They were open this day due to the Halifax Arts Festival. Good move! They were doing a fair business by the time we left at noon. Good for them!

My friend ordered the Chicken Quesadilla. It was delicious. It had large pieces of tender and savory chicken with the requisite cheese between two crisp tortillas. Definitely a good meal and filling. He also had the lemonade. The quesadillas were served with some packaged sour cream and a few chips with a bit of a sweet salsa. The highlight was the quesadilla with the perfectly cooked chicken, though.

I had the Pulled Pork Sandwich with Herbal Raspberry Iced Tea. Both were good. The pulled pork, though it did not look very special, had a nice flavor--well cooked and served with some diced onions mixed in that gave it a nice crunch. It was tender and flavorful and served on a delicious Kaiser type roll. It was served with "fries" that were actually wedges of potatoes. They were delicious well seasoned, and fried just right. Accompanying this was a small dish of tri-color coleslaw. Though on the sweet side, it was delicious--red cabbage, carrots and celery were the main ingredients. But it sure was delicious.

Would I eat here again? Definitely. The prices are low and the food is good. We sat outside but did get a glimpse of the eclectic indoor decor. It's very hippie-like is the best way to describe it. It's an experience, and one I recommend.
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