Monday, December 14, 2009


Wow, excellent Cuban Food can be found in Mount Dora, of all places! A friend and I decided to drive to Mount Dora to see Christmas lights and to eat. I'd done a bit of research and noticed what seemed to be a fairly new place with lots of good reviews. So when we were walking around on a late Sunday afternoon, we sought out Copacabana. The menu looked good, so we decided to eat there. It was a very, very good choice.

Not being familiar with the menu, we browsed for quite a while, then asked our waiter for his advice. We were both in the mood for pork and he mentioned two dishes we'd each been eyeing, so we chose them. Good choice!

My friend had the Pernil, tender cooked shredded pork with onions and seasonings, served with yucca, yellow rice, red beans, and green plantains. The look of ecstasy on my friends face told it all--he proclaimed it to be the best pork he had ever tasted. I had a few bites, I'd have to agree, it was outstanding. My friend had never had yucca before, but once he added a bit of salt and pepper--along with some chimicurra sauce--he proclaimed them a hit as well.

I had the Masitas, tender chunks of pork that have been marinated and then deep fried and served with some onions, along with yellow rice, black beans, and sweet plantains. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. The pork was very tender and very flavorful. The rice was typical, but the black beans were also very good. And the plantains were also very good. This was truly a very wonderful dish. I also had a side salad with mine and used the chimicurra sauce on that--good call, it was great.

We asked our waiter about the chimichurra sauce and the owner came by and explained what it was--oil and garlic and parsley and a few other seasonings. Wow, it was so good.

Our service was extremely attentive, and I noticed the owner around a lot, making sure all his guests were well taken care of, directing waiter, and talking to visitors. We had several people ask if we needed anything, and asking about the food.

I am not a Cuban food expert, but if this one visit to Copacabana was any indication, I would like to become one. The food was excellent. My only regret was that I forgot to take any pictures. Well, I'll do that next time. With two iced teas, two dinners, and a side salad, our bill for dinner was about $23 with tax--a bargain considering the high quality and great taste of our food. I'd go back here again anytime, and recommend you give them a try. Well worth my drive from Lake Mary.
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