Friday, December 18, 2009

Korea House

Had lunch at Korea House recently with 11 coworkers and we all enjoyed it. I noticed a number of awards on the wall, though generally dating from earlier this decade. Still, there must be a reason for that.

We arrived shortly after one on a Friday afternoon and were about the only people in the place. However, we were promptly greeted and our dring orders taken, then our food orders. You can imagine with a group of twelve that it can be confusing, but our waitress seemed to take it all in stride and was quite efficient. 

I had the spicy Chicken Bulgogi, a lunch special at $7.99. I have to say it was pretty good, condidering I'm not sure what all was in it. There was pickled ginger and bean sprouts in the upper left. In the center, two breaded and fried things, zucchini and carrot--I was surprise to find them served cold, but I guess that must be the way. On the top right was kimchi, it was nice and spicy; i recongnized the cabbage but there was another vegetable in it that I did not. However, it was good. Of course it came with rice, but the star was teh chicken. It was nicely cooked and nice and spicy as well as hot.

I also had a bit of wasabi--it was nice and hot, I liked it. My only complaint was of the soy sauce--it was so so so very salty that it was almost unpleasant, I would have liked a bit but I could not eat it with all the salt it had.

Our group had an assortment of meals and as far as I could tell, we were all happy with what we got. Would I go back here again? Certainly. I do not know much at all about Korean food but it was good and certainly a value. Give it a try!
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  1. you should try seoul garden in maitland for lunch some time ! theyre pretty good too! chicken bulgogi for the win!

  2. here are some recs:
    1. kalbi - bbq'ed short ribs - delicious
    2. beef bulgogi - grilled beef
    3. kimchi tofu stew = spicy soup
    4. seafood pancake

  3. I live so close to this place, but yet I've never been. I really need to make a point of eating here soon. I was told I should do the Korean BBQ if I go here though...