Friday, December 25, 2009

Lunch at Stone's Throw Bistro

We made a good choice when a coworker and I decided to have lunch at Stone's Throw Bistro recently. A very good choice. It was the Friday before Christmas and we were having a late lunch, so when we arrived about a quarter past one, there was only one other table occupied, though a large table that was not yet bussed was evidence of some earlier activity. It was a minute or two before our waiter--the long waiter--appeared, but once seated, the service was very attentive throughout the meal. Later on, a few more tables were taken. All parties were expertly space throughout the restaurant, very nice and thoughtful, though it certainly made for more steps by our waiter.

We decided to start out with a soup of the day, a White Bean Chili. Now, it was a very good soup and had a nice depth of flavor. But the soup also gets my only complaint of the day--it was overly salty. But, beyond that, it was very good.

We also had a salad. The salad itself was very nice, fresh mixed greens with a house dressing and included tomatoes, onions, and goat cheese. The onion added a nice crunch and the goat cheese and extra rich, creamy smoothness....if felt great in the mouth to chew on this salad, and the flavors all worked well together. The salad was the perfect preamble to the sandwich that was to follow.

For my "entree" i had the Seared Chicken Sandwich. It was an outstanding sandwich. First of all, I liked the presentation. It was served on a rectangular whole grain bun and had a steak knife in it, as much to hold it together as for presentation and usefulness. It was a feast for the eyes.

The chicken itself was nicely cooked, tender and juicy, cooked perfectly. It was accompanied by jalapeno havarti cheese which added interest and a hint of heat, hand cut bacon which added a nice crispness and smokiness, tomato which added a fresh note, and bacon aioli which added flavor, a herbal note, creaminess, and complimented all the other ingredients. I'll tell you, this sandwich was a real hit with me and I would recommend it to anyone, any time.

Our lunch experience here was excellent. The total meal including a generous tip (it was the Christmas season, after all) and tax was about $20. I got my money's worth for my eyes, my nose, my mouth and my tongue. Excellent flavors and a nice presentation made for a great lunch experience. I suggest you give them a try. I know I'll be back!
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