Monday, December 14, 2009

Pagano's Pizzeria

Great Pizza and other delights in South Daytona. We'd been to Pagano's before, had to wait a while, and decided it was definitely worth the wait. So when a friend and I wanted pizza a few nights ago, Pagan's was on our mind. Good call.

We did not have to wait this time, but it was still plenty busy. We were quickly seated. As repeat patrons, we had an idea of what we wanted, and that was a good meal and leftovers. We were not disappointed.

We decided to start off with Pagano's Famous Pin Wheels--pizza dough rolled up in a topping and baked cinnamon roll style. We ordered pepperoni and sausage, but our waitress quickly advised us to stay away from the sausage. She said our best bets were the pepperoni and the spinach, so we agreed. We had a full order, that is, four of each. They were served with a delicious marinara dipping sauce on the side. Each of our pinwheels was like a little bit of heaven. Sauce, pepperoni or spinach, and mozzarella cheese was perfectly baked in the pinwheel pizza crust. These were truly divine. They'd make a great meal all by themselves.

But, we also wanted pizza, and so ordered a large (16") sausage, pepperoni, mushroom and onion pizza. It was served piping hot and was absolutely delicious. No one ingredient overpowered the others. The mushrooms were tender, the onions just a bit crunch, the sausage and pepperoni flavorful, and the cheese just a bit stringy. This was indeed very good pizza.

But, this was a meal the had another life. We had plenty of leftovers and, with some extra marinara graciously provided by the waitress, we took about half of our meal home and had it two days later for lunch. It was just as good then as it was the first time. Two for one! What a deal. I'd recommend Pagano's to any pizza lover. So far, the best pizza I've had in the Daytona Beach area.
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