Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cattle Ranch

Based on good reviews on Urbanspoon,com, I went to Cattle Ranch recently. I was not disappointed. The food was generally very good, the service great, and I left with a full tummy and some more for another day! 

We arrived on a Friday night and were promptly seated, being give our choice of an area to sit in. It did not take long for our server to take our drink orders, and we quickly ordered a few appetizers as well.

For our first appetizer we chose the Fried Shrimp. It was a good choice. About 8 good-sized shrimp had been breaded with a nice, crispy coating and them nearly perfectly deep fried. They were very good--fresh, hot, and cooked just right. They were served with a nice but standard shrimp cocktail sauce. I really liked these.

We also ordered the Buckskins. Now these were truly outstanding. They were more like huge slices of potato that had been baked, then covered with bacon and cheese, then baked and broiled a bit further, then topped with some parsley and served with sour cream on the side. These were very, very.... did i mention "very"... good! We cleaned these up as well

For one of my side I had a salad. It was good and filling, all that a salad should be. I had the house dressing and it was very good as well. Nothing exceptional here, but still a very nice salad.

To go with our entrees, I ordered some Onion Rings. These were very, very good. They had a nice and crisp breading on the, and were very crispy, very hot, when served. I think we both agreed that these were among the best onion rings we'd had in a long, long time.

For my entree I ordered the Ribeye, medium-rare, with a side of sauteed mushrooms. My Ribeye was OK, but jsut OK. It was cooked just a bit shy of medium rare, for the most part, but parts were just past medium rare. Also, it was just a bit gristly. So, while it had great flavor, a bit of it was chewy, and a bit very good. I would say it was not quite butchered right, since it was not consistently medium-rare. Still, it had a very nice flavor and overall, I did enjoy it.

The sauteed mushrooms were very good, and a large portion. I liked them a lot.

For his main dish, my friend Tommy ordered the Prime Rib. It was very good, a nice medium, with a nice flavor and quite tender. To go-with he had a baked potatoe. Again, is prime rib was very good, and the rest of the meal excellent as well.

We enjoyed our meal here. It was very good, and we had good service. One think I would say about the decor--it reminded me of 1970. I'd say this place has not been remodeled in about 40 years. The interior is somewhat dated. Still, they know how to cook shrimp and how to grill a mean steak, so we enjoyed our meal here. I'd come back--what better compliment could I give?

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