Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sun Valley Buffet

I'm not a big Chinese buffet fan, but this place really satisfied me, and filled me up. And the food was pretty darned good for a buffet, too! 

Normally, when I think of a Chinese buffet, I think of things I would buy at Sam's club, then heat a whole bunch of and place on a steam table to let them get to a mediocre temperature and dry consistency. So when my friend Tommy and I decided to try out this new place the other day, I was pleasantly surprised--it was much better than that picture I had in my mind.

First off, Sun Valley also has a small sushi bar and a small Mongolian BBQ, but I did not try them--next time. Secondly the selection--it was huge. I was impressed by the fact that the steam pans were not overly full, and each time I went back, there were some new things and some old things missing. This means that they are cooking in small batches and keeping things fresh, and that was my experience.

Among all the things I sampled--and I sampled plenty--several things stood out.

First and foremost, the fried, breaded shirmp. They were excellent. They kept coming out in small batches and so were always fresh, and the cocktail sauce they had certainly had a nice, hefty, horseradish kick. Very nice.

Second, the potstickers. I was already about full when I spied these. They were exceptional. The meat filling was very nice, very flavorful. I got them just after they came out, and they were hot and flavorful. Quiet the treat, actually.

There were  a few "not quite hits" for me as well. Some of the chicken dishes were just a bit dry. The Bourbon Chicken, Orange Chicken, and General Tsos Chicken--all were just a bit dry. And the General Tsos lacked a nice kick.

For the "American" Dishes, the BBQ pork was actually quite good. The Mac and Cheese was quite bland though.

There were quite a number of other dishes that were hits, though, and overall, i really enjoyed the food I had.

There was a nice salad bar a well with a lot of nice fresh fruit. I sure liked that.

Our service was very attentive. Used plates were picked up very promptly.

Overall, this was a good experience. At $12.99 for dinner and weekends, it's maybe a bit pricey, but then again, you get what you pay for. I will come back for the $6.99 weekday lunch one of these days, for sure.

Oh, and they have some very nice desserts as well. As I said, the selection here is very good and very extensive. I'd try it again, for sure!  
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