Monday, March 14, 2011

Terra Mia -- again!

My friend and I decided to stop by Terra Mia the other night, hoping to not have a long wait and to have some good pizza. Score! On both accounts. Normally there is a decent wait here--it's a small but very busy place with outstanding food, and well worth waiting for. We entered and our name was taken, but second on the list. Then we were asked if wanted to sit at the counter--sure! We were lucky to get two seats right at the counter with a great view of the kitchen. Now in truth, there was not a huge amount of room on the counter, but we managed, just fine. Our server, Victoria, was extremely competent, friendly, and quick! Within minutes we had our drink order and were ready to order. Changes to the menu? No problem! 

I started with a small side salad which was delicious! A bed of mixed greens was simply and lightly dressed, topped with a bit of red onion and a slice of tomato. Simple but elegant, with good flavor and very fresh ingredients. Yumm.

In the meantime, between salad and our pizzas, we were given some wonderful bread with a plate of olive oil that had Parmesan cheese in it with a healthy drizzle of balsamic vinegar--it was very good, too--so much that we had a second basket of bread. 

For his pizza, my friend Tommy asked if he could have a simple pepperoni Pizza--something that was not on the menu. No problem! Victoria didn't even bat an eyelash. The pizza came out fresh and hot. As promised, it was a simple pepperoni pizza. Well, simple in composition, complex in flavor. The crust was absolutely wonderful, the proportion of toppings perfect. The pepperoni was thick sliced and delicious. In all respects, this was a great pizza. He manage to eat 5 of the eight slices, but pizza is always a great thing to take home.

For my pizza, I ordered the Genovese. This has chunks of tender chicken with dollops of pizza sauce and pesto, topped with cheese. Again, the crust was outstanding--definitely home made and fired well in a nice hot brick oven. The pizza was wonderful, but I only managed to eat 5 of the 8 slices. All the better, because I had some to take home for the next day.

Throughout our meal, we had a great view of the kitchen and drink station. I was amazed at the mostly silent coordination that was going on between all. Not a lot had to be said, but severs were helping each other along with the host, and everyone just seemed to know what to do with a minimum of words. The place was very busy both inside and out the whole time we were there. I've eaten here a few times and every time I have had good food and good service. I love it here and will be back again and again!
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