Friday, April 1, 2011

I Luv Pho

I didn't know it until I first tried it, but I really do love Pho, and my recent visit to I Luv Pho in the Dallas area alerted me to that fact.

I'd never had Pho before. I was in Dallas on business and one of the locals suggested it. One of my colleagues is familiar with Vietnamese food and said it would be a great idea. It was.  I ordered my Pho with Chicken Breast. A huge bowl arrived a short time later, as well as a side plate of "stuff." I learned to add some of the bean sprouts to the bowl of pho along with some basil, mint, and cilantro. The herbs added a very pleasant aroma to what was already--to me--a very flavorful broth. The broth was filled with rice noodles as well and topped with an abundance of green onions. It was very, very good. If this is what pho is all about, I'm in. And the huge bowl was $6.25 (large size), quite a value.

I should mention that we started the meal with some spring rolls--rice paper wrapped around some veggies and shrimp. There was a peanut sauce for dipping which was made even better by the addition of some sriracha.

Overall, we had a very nice experience here. The waiter was fast and attentive, the food quick to come out, and I beleive everyone enjoyed their meal, a first experience of pho for many of us.

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