Sunday, April 3, 2011

Flippers Pizzeria

Flippers Pizzeria is a chain that recently opened a location in Lake Mary, so my friend Tommy and I recently took the opportunity to try it out, searching for some good pizza. We were not disappointed.

We arrived on an early Saturday evening to find them fairly busy. We were quickly greeted and told we could sit wherever we wanted. One comment about sitting inside--it's very noisy. They could use some sound-dampening scheme here. It was hard to hear the waitress and carrying on a conversation was a bit of a challenge at times unless you like to speak loudly. Next time I think I'd consider--or rather, prefer--to sit outside where it's quieter. I can only guess what it would have been like with a bunch of rowdy kids inside!

That said, we were quickly greeted, drinks arrived promptly, and our order was taken. We ordered a pizza and a sandwich, to split both. For the sandwich, we ordered the Turkey Pesto, turkey, smoked bacon, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes,  red onions, roasted red peppers, pesto, and mayo. The presentation, as you can see, was very nice. The sandwich was also very tasty, though getting all the ingredients to stay together was a bit of a challenge, it was a good sized sandwich. The bun that it was served on was exceptionally good, nice and fresh and tastly. It was very tasty with one exception--the red onions were very strong. They were either old, or just strong--I suspect the latter as this is not a great time of year for onions, I've found. I needed to pull them out, they were that overpowering. But otherwise, the sandwich was very tasty and a meal in itself. Fortunately, there were two of us sharing it.

We also ordered a medium (12") Windy City Pizza, boasting extra sauce, double sweet Italian sausage, provolone, and pecorino romano. It was topped with a healthy dose of mozzarella. If I had been cooking it, I'd have left it in just a bit longer, until the cheese on top just started to brown. We also had it on the traditional crust. It was very good.  There was a lot of pizza here, and with our sandwich, we ended up taking home two slices--we are looking forward to enjoying them at a later time, the pizza was just that good. I would come back here again for the pizza or for a sandwich, definitely.

I'd say there was only one misstep here. When we ordered, the waitress seemed to indicate that it came with chips (of course, maybe we didn't hear right because of the noisy atmosphere) and we settled on a bag of BBQ kettle chips. When our meal came out, we asked where the chips were. And they we had to ask again. But we eventually got them. When the bill came, we noticed a charge for the chips. We asked because we were under the impression that they were included. She said they were a separate charge but she'd see about having that removed. When she came back she informed us that she had to pay for the mistake out of her money and she left a dollar. Now, that was just a bit odd. We did, however, reduce our normal 20% tip by that dollar. I think they (or she) needed to be more clear. It's one thing to upsell, it's another to not make that clear. However, this misunderstanding is really my only complaint besides asking twice for the chips--but we would not have wanted them had it been clear that it was an addition. Oh well.

Overall, we loved it here (sans noisy atmosphere) and will be back again, I'm sure.
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  1. Ordered a piza when I got there no order thank goodness for android apps I had to show the store associate the time the call was made to flippers called the manager she just reordered the pizza annother guy came in his pizza was wrong he got a discount nice service I wait twenty more minutes oferred nothin will not be returning went twice after that and got an attitude from the woman that called herself a manager.