Friday, April 1, 2011


We had an enjoyable meal at Chilangos the other night. You know it's a small place when the sign warns: occupancy by more than 19 people is dangerous! Yes, I counted, there are exactly 16 seats in this place, and we were fortunate to get the last two. Overall, the food here was good, and large portions, but not great. Still, good enough Mexican food, for sure.
We started with an appetizer, the Seven Layer Salad. It seemed a bit bland until my friend Tommy suggested putting some jalapenos on it. And, when i looked at the menu description, it mentioned jalapenos. Somehow they got left out. Yikes! So it was just good, but could have been better.

For his entree, Tommy had the chimichanga. It was quite good. The "crust" or shell was very good, nice and flaky. The filling was lots and tasty. It was a large chimi and we had plenty to take home, especially after filling up on chips and salsa.

For my entree I ordered the enchiladas. They were corn tortillas filled with pork and topped with a green sauce. They were pretty good but could have used a bit of heat (as in chili) and also a bit of salt, they were just a tad bland. I also ordered a hard-shell taco on the side. It was pretty good as well. The rice was also very good though the beans were just a bit on the soupy side.

Overall, it was a fair meal here, and quite a value given the amount of food. We both had some doggie bags for another time. It was not the best Mexican food I've ever had, but was adequate. They also seemed to do a pretty good take-out business and were quite busy the whole time we were there. Yumm! Chilangos on Urbanspoon


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