Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pint American Gastropub

Pint American Gastropub is a very new addition to the Lake Mary restaurant scene, only open a few weeks now. My first visit there left me liking it. They name refers to the wide variety of beer they serve--they have dozens of craft beers on tap, and an extensive selection in bottles as well. I had a Ukrainian beer in a bottle, Obolon, and it as quite good for a lager--way better than most mainstream American beers. I also had a Longhammer IPA on tap--always a good choice.
But we really came here for a light dinner, and we left full and not disappointed. I ordered the Fish and Chips, but substituted Macaroni and Cheese for the chips. A substantial filet of fish was breaded and fried nicely, served with a chipotle mayo. The chipotle mayo was good, but I could not really detect the chipotle part of it, it was very very mild. Accompanying my meal was a bit of Jicama slaw, marinated jicama, red and green peppers, and red onion, with a bit of cilantro. It was nice and refreshing. The macaroni and chesse was good, too, boasting several varieties of cheese, as well as bacon. How can anything with bacon in it be bad, right??
My friend Tommy had the Simple burger, It was simple but very good, cooked perfectly to a medium as he requested (too much in my book, but it was his burger) and was tender and juicy--I had a big bite! He enjoyed the burger and the mac n cheese as well. Much much better than a nearby place with "burger" in it's name that killed our last (and only) burgers there. This was so much better. It was served with cheese, and with some lettuce and tomato. Yumm!
Our waitress was Katelynn, and she was prompt and attentive, showing a good knowledge of the menu and fair knowledge of the beer selection. Twice during our time there a manager stopped by to ask if everythign was good--and it was. As we were leaving, someone was setting up to provide live music later in the evening. The area is a hotspot of night activity, so I was not surprised.
Pint may not have quite the extensive collection of beers that World of Beers nearby boasts, nor quite as many TVs, but it has food, which WOB does not. Both places, I think, will have their place in the Lake Mary/Heathrow night scene. Nice job!
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  1. I love how you complain about standard American beer then order one and claim it is always a good choice.

  2. Love how people post anonymous questions when they do not know what they're talking about. I had no standard American beer (e.g., Bud, Miller, etc.) and never drink that swill. Longhammer is certainlyh not standard, and Obolon is quiet rare in an bar in America.

    And note that I made a second visit to Pint and was not at all impressed. My vote on urbanspoon is no "I don't like it."