Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Dexter's of Lake Mary is almost always busy, and there is a reason why. Good location, decent food, and nice atmosphere. My friend Tommy and I went to Dexter's on a recent Friday night. It was actually our second choice in the area, but had less of a wait and they promised us an outdoor table on a pleasant Spring evening. It was worth the short 20-minute wait as we had a great view and good food.

We started off with an appetizer. We had the Chicken Egg Rolls. They were very good! Two large egg rolls had been stuffed with mixed asian vegetables and chicken, then deep fried, sliced diagonally, placed on a bed of dressed, mixed greens, and sprinkled with a bit of chili powder. They were served with a sweet/sour chili dipping sauce. They were indeed very good. We ate every last morsel, including the salad--it was that good.

I ordered a salad with my meal and it was a very nice salad. Mixed greens were "accessorized" with red peppers, mixed julienne of cabbage and carrot, a bit of cucumber, a cherry tomato, a bit of broccoli, a slice of summer squash, and a cherry tomato. The dressing was a house chili lime viniagrette. The whole salad was very good, nice and light and refreshing.

For my main course I had the Parmesan Shells with Chicken. It was very good. A nice and simple dish, but all the flavors had a change to blend and marry, so it tasted very good as a whole. Shells were covered with an alfredo sauce, some tender chicken chunks, peas, and was garnished with chopped green onions and som  shredded/grated parmesan cheese. It was also a huge serving. I had lots lefover to take home and enjoy another time--and I did! The chicken was tender and moist, the alfredo sauce was not overbearing, and the peas added a nice fresh touch. A very good dish.

Tommy had a burger, the Grilled Colby Cheeseburger. It was also very good. A substantial-portion Black Angus burger was grillled to medium, then covered with melted colby cheese, served on a nice roll with tomato, onions, and lettuce. The burger was very good, nice and moist and juicy. The accompanying fries were good as well.
Overall, we had a very enjoyable time here at Dexters. And sitting outside on a pleasant evening was quite a bonus, too. We'll be back!  
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