Monday, March 14, 2011

Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery

We stopped in here for dinner on a recent Friday evening and were pleasantly surprise to find good food and good service in this new, sports-bar type place. I must admit, when I first heard of this place I thought "Hooters with an angle" and didn't hold out much hope for the food. But I was wrong. The meal and service we had here was excellent and I'd come back again. 

It was a busy Friday night, but we were seated immediately and within minutes our waitress appeared to take our drink menu. Our server, Leiann, was very good. She knew the menu and was able to field all our questions. We started out with a few drinks and also the Irish Nachos. OMG! The potato chips that were the foundation of this dish were utterly fantastic--nice thicker slices of potato, still thin enough to be called chip but with some substance. The chips were covered with a cheese goo (ordinary), some ground beef, and tomatoes. But the real star of the dish was the chips, they were truly outstanding. I'm sure they'd even be good just by themselves. I'd order this again in a heartbeat.

I started my meal with a salad. It was actually a very good salad, served with a balsamic vinaigrette on the side. Besides a nice bed of romaine, it had some sliced red onions, a bit of diced tomato, croutons, and some diced cucumbers. The cucumbers appeared to have been seeded--a very nice touch. It was a good side salad.

For my main course I chose the Ian's Shrimp Basket and asked for that with onion rings instead of the normal fries--no problem! There were about 8 decent sized shrimp that were breaded and deep fried. The shrimp were cooked perfectly. The breading was just a slight bit bready and did not hold onto the shrimp all that well--maybe they were a bit wet when breaded. But it was all very tasty nonetheless. I love shrimp and hate when they are not cooked right, but these were cooked right. Another hit in my book.

My Friend Tommy had the Gaelic Chicken--tender chicken breasts were sauteed with mushrooms and onions, served with a whiskey cream sauces, and set on a mound of garlic mashed potatoes.  The chicken was very tender and the cream sauce very good. I'd say the potatoes were just ordinary, though, but overall it was a very good dish. 

Throughout our meal, our server was very friendly, competent and attentive without being intrusive. That was very nice. This was my first visit here but I'm sure it will not be my last, based on this experience. Definitely good eats!
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