Saturday, August 25, 2012

Balistreri's Italian-American Ristorante

All I can say is, be careful what you order at Balistreri's Italian-American Ristorante, because if you order a large pizza, you will get one huge, gigantic, full sheet pan sized pizza...and a danged good pizza to boot! I was in Milwaukee visiting family, and a group of about six or seven of us went out to eat in Wauwatosa. Our first choice was closed for a vacation, so we came to Balistreiri's as a second choice, but it turned out to be a great choice. Not only were the pizzas large and good, but the beer was good and cold. It was a hot June day in Milwaukee, and we had a great meal here. 

For each of the two large pizzas we ordered, we ordered half-and-half pizzas, then had great fun sampling all four varieties. Which was my favorite? All of them, they were each excellent. As you can see in the photo, each pizza took up a full half-sheet pan (we barely had room on the table for our plates and beer glasses)! The crust was excellent, and nice and thin. The various toppings were good and plentiful, but not so much that they weighed down the pizza. They were both cooked perfectly. And, can you believe it, though there were only 6 of us, we ate it all! Every last slice. And it was all good. I'd certainly go  eat here again, in a heartbeat!
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