Saturday, August 25, 2012

Randy's Family Restaurant

My sister and I were driving from Milwaukee to Eau Claire on my last visit "up north," and we were hungry, so we decided to stop in at Randy's Family Restaurant in Eau Claire for a late lunch. As soon as I saw one particular thing on the menu, I knew I had to have it: Deep Fried Cheese Curds! Now, fresh cheese curds are definitely a "Wisconsin thing." They are simple fresh cheese curds, before they've been pressed into a block and aged. The have two definite characteristics that prove they are fresh: they squeak when you eat them (at room temperature, of course!), and they are a bit salty. Well, in Wisconsin, they've learned how great they are when they are battered or breaded and deep fried. And indeed they are wonderful. The ones we had at Randy's were very good, definitely fresh cheddar cheese curds, and fried nicely. Yumm.

For my lunch i had the mahi sandwich with a salad. The salad was average and, so was the sandwich, overall. The fish itself was a nice large portion, lightly blackened and fried to perfection. But it seemed to me a waste to put such a nice piece of tasty fish on such an ordinary bun! I guess if the bun is my worst complaint, it can't be all bad, and that's true. So, while the sandwich was good and the fish excellent, it could have been made better by a more tasty bun. But overall, we had a very pleasant lunch at Randy's Family  Restaurant and found the service good and the food decent at a very affordable price. Yumm!
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