Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tijuana Flats

I can see why Tijuana Flats in Winter Springs was recently chosen as the top restaurant in Winter Springs by the readers of Seminole Magazine: they provide a great combination of food, service, and atmosphere at a reasonable price. Recently, Seminole Magazine and Tijuana Flats in Winter Springs hosted a "meet the bloggers" event for seven bloggers from the magazine who represent the seven cities of Seminole County, Yours truly was one of them (I blog there under my real name, Leon... check it out!) 

So, thanks to the coordination of Bill Ernst of Seminole Magazine and the generosity of Brenda and Rick Brown, owners of this franchise, as well as the logistics management Hector, the Manager, and all the staff, we had a great time at Tijuana Flats the other night. And the food was good, too.

My friend Tommy and I began our evening with drinks and some chips with salsa, queso, and guacamole, and were joined by our (new) friends, fellow blogger Jennifer and her husband, Daniel. Later on we were joined by blogger Lauren and her husband, Brian. (And, through the course of the evening we also met bloggers Gale and... oops, my memory is failing me now!)

So, the food.... Well, I've always liked Tijuana Flats and have eaten at a number of them. A small locally founded chain, one thing you can count on from a chain is consistency. Each one I've visited has been consistent in the food and the services, and that's very telling--it's why they were voted Winter Springs' best! So, in the midst of all the festivities and fun, I ordered my favorite, the Blackened Chicken Tostadas. Yumm. Always good, always consistent. And soo good. Nice crispy tortilla quarters are topped with cheese, tomatoes, black olives, blackened chicken, and jalapenos, and served with lettuce, salsa and sour cream. Of course I had to get my favorite hot sauce from their hot sauce bar (named "Don't Be a Chicken Shit!). I was in heaven and relished each and every bite of these.

Of course, the best part of the evening was the atmosphere. We sat outside on the spacious patio and had live entertainment provided by Bobby France...that boy can sing, it was fantastic. So we had it all: great atmosphere with live music and sitting outside, new friends and great visiting, good food, cold beer and other drinks, and a value as well. I can see why this must be a favorite gathering place for those in Winter Springs. Somehow, I'm sure we'll find an excuse to return there again. 
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