Saturday, August 25, 2012

Crabby Dave's

I was "back home" visiting family in June, and of course on a Friday it was required that we go out for a Fish Fry. So about 18 of us gathered at Crabby Dave's in downtown Marshfield. And what did we have? Well, a Fish Fry, of course. 
I have looked all around central Florida, but nowhere have I found the perfect "Wisconsin style" Fish Fry. I had it at Crabby Dave's in Marshfield, Wisconsin, however. Tender, battered, deep-fried fish is, of course, the star. Along with that there is the requisite coleslaw, french fries, and bread (note that i substituted more coleslaw for the fries, as seen in the photo. And don't forget the tartar sauce.

Everything was great here but the fish was indeed the star. Now, I will say that the fish portions appeared a bit on the small size, I'm glad I ordered the 3-piece dinner, but they were cooked perfectly, nice and tender and flaky, and not over-battered. The whole meal was wonderful, and made more so by the fact that my family was there: parents, brother, sisters, spouses, nieces and nephews and their families as well, down to my parents' "great-grands." It was a wonderful meal and a great time, and so nice that Crabby Dave's was able to accommodate a group of our size on a busy "Fish Fry" Friday evening. Well done! 
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