Sunday, September 20, 2009

Angelo's Pizzeria & Family Restaurant

I had a taste for pizza last night and was in one of my favorite places, downtown Sanford, so a friend and I decided to eat here. We'd had a delicious sample of their pasta and salad at Taste of Sanford, so were looking forward to trying it.

The good news is that the pizza was good. It was very good with a nice crispy and tasty crust. I ordered a 14" and should have gone for the 9", but leftovers are good, too. I had sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, and black olives. There were generous portions of all the topping on the pizza. I'd order it again.

On the other hand, my friend ordered the lasagne. Now it was OK, but just OK. The flavor was good but the noodles were mushy, probably a sign that it had been sitting all day. Still it was good and he did clean his plate (OK, so I helped a bit, but he helped me on the pizza). There seemed to be only one waitress there and she was quite busy, but another guy was also helping her out and with their teamwork, we had pretty good service. Yes, I'd eat here again.

One thing I found a bit confusing was the decor. They are an Pizza and Italian place for the most part, but the walls were painted with huge murals with a Greek theme. They were nice, but didn't feel particularly Italian. They do have some gyros and greek salads on the menu, too. And the murals were nice. It just seemed a bit different.

Angelo's apparently does a lunch buffet on the weekdays, I'd like to check that out some time to. 

Or bill for the 14" pizza, lasagne, an extra side salad,tea and a corona came to about $33, not too bad. We had a nice meal here and I'd go back there again.
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