Sunday, September 13, 2009

Colorado's Prime Steak

Over a week ago at Taste of Sanford I had the opportunity to sample a bit of the fare from Colorado's Prime Steak in Sanford and I was impressed. So much so that I went there for dinner last night with a friend. I am still impressed.

We arrived to what looked like a fairly full parking lot but upon entering were seated right away. Though it looked very busy from the outside, the dinner hour seemed to be winding down. After just a minute or two a waitress arrived and took our beverage order. About two minutes later Jennifer brought our drinks an apologized that she was tardy as another table had tied her up a bit. But hey, we got our drink order taken and delivered promptly, so there was some good teamwork going on. I like that.

For an appetizer we ordered the Chicken Chimiritos, two egg rolls stuffed wtih blackened chicken, cheddar cheese, black beans, grilled onions, and minced jalapenos. They were covered with chili and cheese and were very good. They were served with a salsa and sour cream on the side. The chimiritos were very good. To only fault I could find was that the salsa was ordinary as if out of the bottle from the store. But that's a minor point. 

My friend ordered the French Onion soup. It was very, very good, not overly salty, just right. Covered with melted and bubbly provolone, it was delicious.

My salad was also very good as salads go. I had their homemade blue cheese dressing and it was very good though I'm sure loaded with calorie. Oh well, I did enjoy it.

I am not a huge red meat eater, but I decided to try their signature dish, their smoked prime rib. I'm glad I did. It was excellent. It came out a perfect medium rare as ordered and was tender, juicy, flavorful, and with a nice hint of smoke. As is normal with prime rib, there were some larger pieces of fat, but in general, it was mostly tender, juicy red meat. Yumm, I really really liked it.

My friend ordered the "Dark Horse Saloon" steak sandwich. It was equally delicious. A ribeye steak on sourdough topped with caramelized onions and melted swiss cheese, it was definitely a fork and knife sandwich. The steak was a perfectly medium cooked sandwich steak, juicy, tasty, and tender. Another hit.

I had the mixed vegetable  medley as my side, it was fine, just what I'd expect. But my friend had the french fries and they were probably the best french fries I've had in a long, long time--maybe ever! They hand make their own fries. If i had to guess, I'd say they were fried in beef fat, too. They were absolutely outstandingly delicious. Highly recommended.

The service was attentive and prompt and we had a thoroughly enjoyable experience here. They have a very nice menu, not limited to steaks, but pasta, seafood, sandwiches....even pork chops. The dessert menu looked great as did the specialty drink menu. But after eating all of the above, there was no room for more. Our total bill came to about $45 plus tip, before we used our "free appetizer" coupon from Taste of Sanford which they honored promptly. Overall, this was a very enjoyable experience and I'll go back again, definintely. I'd probably prefer this place over some of the chains, if i wanted a good steak. I'll be back!

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