Saturday, September 12, 2009

Longhorn Steakhouse

Went for lunch to Longhorn Steakhouse in Lake Mary today with my boss and had a good lunch. One thing I will say about Longhorn is that they seem to be consistently good. I was somewhat surprised by the lack of a lunch "crowd" today--a year or so ago if you'd arrived after noon you'd have parked in the "back 40" and had to wait a bit for a table--but not today. I'm sure it's a sign of the soft economy. Still, we had a good lunch with great service from Jennifer.

I had the Rocky Top Chicken-- a nice and tender chicken breast that had some BBQ sauce on it and was topped with some bacon, cheese, and diced tomatoes. It was very good. The chicken was very tender, though it seemed like the breast was a bit butchered in a fragmented sense--but still very good. To go-with I had a side salad which was pretty good and jalapeno coleslaw, also very good. 

It was a good lunch for a fair price with attentive service. I'll eat here again!
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