Monday, September 7, 2009

Frank & Bill's Brickhouse Grill

My friend and I decided to drive up to Deland for lunch Sunday afternoon and hit one of the restaurants on my wishlist--and I'm glad we did.

We went to Frank & Bill's Brickhouse Grill, right in the heart of historic downtown Deland. Deland has a very picturesque and historic downtown, somewhat similar to Sanford's. It's quite quaint. Frank & Bill's is housed in a historic building, kind of dark inside, but warm, and they also have a patio with outside seating. Upon arrival, we were quickly and warmly greeted by Corey. We spotted a table right by the window requested it. It had not been wiped down yet from the previous guests, but Corey quickly did that and we were seated right by the street.

For lunch my friend and I both had the Chicken and Dumplings soup. It was very good. At first it reminded me a bit of the creaminess of out-of-the-can Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup, but as it cooled a bit and I could taste it better, i notices the subtle flavors that made this way better than the canned stuff. The occasional bite of carrot and the aroma of parsley made this quite savory. There was not much chicken at all in it, but lots of little dumplings. They were OK, though had just a bit of a flour taste.  Still a pretty good soup overall.

My friend had an open face roast beef sandwich. It was pretty darned good and a large portion for a lunch. The pork and beans he had were pretty non-eventful, but his mashed potatoes had a slight vinegar taste and was somewhat off-putting.

I started my meal with a salad that was quite good, but for my entree I had the lunch size portion of Chicken Monica. It was absolutely delicious! Two tender pieces of chicken breast stuffed with a bit of ham, with cheese on top and covered with a marsala type sauce with caramelized onions, mushroons, tomatoes, and spinach. That all had more grated paremsan on top. It was excellent. It was served with a bit of linguini which was great for the extra sauce, and two smaller pieces of garlic toast. Even though this was a lunch size, it was more than enough food and a great price, about $7.

We had a great meal at Bill & Frank's Brickhouse Grill and sure would go back there again. Yumm!
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