Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lime Restaurant

The appetizer should not arrive at the same time as your meal! However, that is the only substantial complaint I have about my recent meal at Lime Restaurant in Daytona Beach.

My friend Tommy and I ventured to the boardwalk area of Daytona Beach on a recent Saturday evening in May, before the start of the tourist season. It was a very warm and pleasant evening and surprisingly busy with lots of people out and about. I'd wanted to try Lime Restaurant for some time. This was the time. It was not crowded and we had no wait for a seat. Lime Restaurant is a big place with a large open area in the center of the room, a bar and bar seating in one quadrant, and tables for dining around the sides of the room. I'm guessing maybe it's a busy night life sort of place later in the evening. 

We were promptly greeted and seated. In due time our waiter came and took drink orders and answered a few of our questions. When he returned with the drinks, we told him we'd like to start with the Chicken Skewers. He left to put in the order while we continued to peruse the menu. After a bit he came back and took the rest of our order. In a short time, my salad arrived. I'd ordered the Creole Salad. It was very good. Hearts of palm and tomatoes were served over romaine lettuce, the salad dressed with a cilantro and lime viniagrette. It was absolutely delicious and it did not take me long to devour it, though I did think the salad a bit on the small side given the $5 price tag. No matter, it was certainly very good. 

It seemed that our wait was a bit long, and then all of a sudden a few staff came with out dinners and our appetizer, all at the same time! I was certainly surprised. I believe we ordered the appetizer in plenty of time for it to have been truly an appetizer, so I was disappointed with what I'd consider a kitchen timing issue. That was a bit of a let down.

For the appetizer we ordered the Chicken Skewers. Two skewers each had several pieces of chicken which had been marinated in a Jamaican jerk marinade.This was served with two sauces, both very good. One was an avocado based sauce, the other I'm not certain of. I guess if the appetizer had been served first rather than with my meal, I'd have been able to pay closer attention to it. The skewers were on a bed of rice which served to soak up any juices. The chicken pieces themselves were very tender, juicy, and flavorful. I did think that the two sauces were just kind of thrown on the plate, they did not look very organized and seemed just a bit mess. But they sure did taste good and all the ingredients went well together. 

For his entree, Tommy ordered the Island Roasted Pork and it was delicious. Pork had been slow roasted and pulled apart. It was served with Congri, Cuban black beans and rice. Tommy commented that the Congri seemed a bit pasty and I must agree, as if it had been holding for some time, it was just a bit starchy and the rice a bit flat. However, the delicious pork made up for this shortcoming. The dish was served with two yucca fries (yes, only two) and an avocado type sauce. Overall, it was a very good dish, quite yummy.

For my entree I had the Skirt Steak with Chimichurri. All I can say is, "yumm." The skirt steak was cooked just a tad beyond the requested medium rare, but was still quite good. The chimichurri sauce on top added a nice depth of flavor to an already flavorful cut of meat. Two pieces of broccolini graced my plate--they were delicious. And I had a few more yucca fries than Tommy, along with the avocado sauce. But the real star of my meal was the skirt steak--it was delicious. 

I enjoyed our meal at Lime Restaurant. In general, the food was very good, spot-on. The timing was a bit off, but the food was excellent and made up for that. I'd eat here again, definitely!Lime Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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