Sunday, May 16, 2010

White Wolf Cafe

My friend Tommy and I stopped by White Wolf Cafe the other night and were pleasantly surprised by the good food we had there and by the place itself. Upon entering, we seem to have entered an antique store with lots of old stuff everywhere. Even the tables were old....pieces of granite that seemed to have been broken off from some larger piece. We were first steated at a small table for two, but upon our request, moved to a larger table for two. Whew!   We had a chance to peruse the menu... pretty nice selection, for sure.

It was about 7:30 on a Friday night but not very busy. I wonder when the busy time is. Still, There were a number of tables occupied and a full staff that seemed very attentive--no complaints here.

Eventually we decided to order, though it was not an easy decision. the menu is full of things that look very good.

For my dinner I started off with a salad. It was a normal salad, good, fresh, and tasty, a lot like many other salads I've had. No complaints, but it was just normal or ordinary. My friend Tommy started out with the Navy Bean soup--it was excellent. A nice bean flavor seasoned with ham and having a nice mouth--feel that you can only get when a nice ham bone is used in the preparation. This was a very good soup!

But then came the entrees. My friend Tommy Ordered the Chicke Fried Steak... it no only looked amazing, but was tasty and delicious as well. A nice piece of steak had been tenderized, then breaded and deep fried. This was definitely no pan fried steak, definitely deep fried, and it showed. It was excellent, tender, moist, and juicy. It was served with mixed veggies and with garlic smashed potatoes that were excellent. Great flavor and texture.

And for my entree, I ordered the BBQ Chicken flatbread. I love BBQ Chicken pizza, but this was a true flatbread, think as a dime, crisp and flaky. The toppings were awesome--a bit of barbecue sauce, some red onions, a few chiken cubes (OK, the chicken did seem a bit sparse), and topped with Cheddar cheese. This was very good and all i expected it to be. The flatbread was innocuous and subtle...the main flavors were onion, chicken, BBQ sauce, and the cheese. A very successful dish. The presentation was also nice, the flatbread far overexceeded the size of the plate it was served on, thus making it seem even larger. No problem, I still could not finish it all, and had several pieces to take home, which i did finish off a few day later. Lucky me.

We had a wonderful meal here and I'd go back in a heartbeat. A very cool place in the Winter Park/College Park area. I recommend you give it a try sometime. I'll be back for sure!
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