Saturday, May 29, 2010

Uno Chicago Grill

The food is always decent at Uno Chicago Grill, I've never had a bad experience here, and my visit on a recent Friday afternoon with some friends was no different. We arrived shortly after noon. In years past, we'd have had to wait a bit, but in today's economy, there was no wait at all. No matter, we were promptly seated in a booth by the bar and our server quickly appeared and took our drink orders. 

We each had coupons, and our server was well aware of what that entailed and was able to answer all our questions. In due time our drinks arrived and we placed our order. She did not write anything down and we all got just what we ordered, a testament to having good help!

I started out with a side salad with the house raspberry viniagrette dressing. The salad was very good, an assortment of mixed greens topped with the requisite slice of cucumber, wedge of tomato, a round of red onion, and a few croutons. A good salad, definitely.

Both Bob and I had ordered salads, and a bit after we finished them our entrees arrive. The only problem with that is that Dale's entree did not arrive at the same time. It was not our server who brought the entrees, and she said she'd check. Our waitress came by almost immediately and, when we told her about this faux pas, she went off to check on things. Within a minute or so, Dale's entree arrived as well, along with apologies from the waitress. Turns out our two entrees came up first (we both had fish) and Dale's apparently took a bit longer--she's ordered a steak and shrimp combo. But, finally, we were all eating.

For my entree, i choose the Baked Haddock, a fairly good sized piece of haddock had been topped with a cracker crumb mixture and baked. It was served with a side of steamed broccoli. I have ordered this before at Uno's and it is consistently good. The cracker topping may not be the healthiest, but the baked haddock definitely is. Along with the steamed broccoli, it was a very good meal. I Also enjoyed the breadstick--it seemed like part biscuit, part breadstick, with a nice parmesan and garlic flavor. A nice touch. I'd say my broccoli could have been steamed just a little less, but that's my personal preference, it was not overcooked and was quite good. Doused with a bit of lemon juice, i loved it and ate every bit. 

My friends also enjoyed their meals. We've eaten at this location a number of times and have always had a good experience--it's why we keep going back. As I mentioned, we all had coupons, but their normal lunch specials are quite a good value as well. We'll continue to patronize this location of Uno's. And, every once in a while when we want a real treat, we'll try the delicious (but calorie laden) Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza. Actually, I have a confession to make: I ordered a personal size one to go and it's in my refrigerator now. I'll be eating it very, very soon. Oh, so good1 

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