Sunday, December 2, 2012

Barnes BBQ

Wow, great BBQ in Savannah at Barne's BBQ Express. And the BBQ sauce had just a touch a mustard, very South Carolina-ey. I loved it.

I had the pulled pork, and it was awesome. Not greasy, but with a great smoke flavor and a very evident smoke ring. I also had baked beans that were nice and smoky and had some of the BBQ sauce and meat flavor as well, and coleslaw which was good. Excellent.

Tommy had a BBQ sandwich that came with coleslaw and cheese on it. He loved it. For his side he had the rice, it was a bit spicy but a great flavor.

You order at the counter and they bring it out to you. Nice setting and the food was wonderful. Yumm. Great BBQ in Savannah. I'm happy! I'd eat here again---and again--and again, if I lived in Savannah. Wonderful!

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  1. Wow that looks so good. I swear, the south has some of the best food! Every time I find myself down south, I gain at least 5 pounds. I was actually just in Florida visiting friends and ate some of the best bbq of my life. Just cooked to perfection and the weather made it that much more enjoyable. I was in Palm Bay and stayed at the Palm Bay Hotel ( Cheap and close to some good eats!

  2. Having been there a few times, we have managed to stay in the $7 range and leave full and satisfied. Food Truck Los Angeles