Sunday, December 2, 2012


We had an OK, average dinner at O'Charley's when we were in Hendersonville overnight on our recent vacation. Nothing spectacular, but it was OK food.

It was OK. I had a nice salad, just iceberg but nice and fresh, was very good. And filling. 

I had a fried fish and shrimp combo, with broccoli for the side. It was OK, but nothing spectacular. The broccoli was good but I thought a few of the pieces were a bit old. The fish was good. The shrimp were small, very small, and heavily breaded.

Tommy had a sirloin steak, medium rare. It was just that. A bit tough but not too bad. The smashed potatoes were very good, nice chunks in it, etc. Very good.

We also had desserts, I had key lime, it was too sweet. 

Tommy had apple cobbler. It was OK.

Overall we had an average meal. OK for a chain, but certainly nothing too special either. 

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