Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bistro at the Biltmore

We had a very good, surprisingly good lunch at the Bistro at the Biltmore Estates on our recent vacation.

The service was fast and very good. I think the best bite we had was Tommy's lunch, the Roast Beef Sandwich. It was excellent. The roast beef was juicy and tender, and it was served on a very tasty, soft roll. It was really outstanding, everything a good roast beef sandwich should be, and very tender. The fries served with it were hot and crispy, excellent Fries.

For my man dish I had the Roast Turkey with Dressing Sandwich. It, too, was excellent, served on a cranberry pecan bread. It was served with a bit of a very flavorful salad on the side. This was a real hit.

But before we got to the sandwiches, we each had some soup. Tommy had the squash soup. I'd say the flavors were a bit subdued compared to the soup I had, but still it was a very good soup and you could definitely taste the squash.

I had the carrot soup, and it was excellent. It was a bit spicy, and i loved that. The carrots gave it a lot of sweetness, which the spiciness balanced nicely. I liked this a lot.

Or service was very good here as well, Giovannie took good care of us. I'd certainly recommend this place for a great bite to eat when visiting the Biltmore, and the prices were pretty reasonable for attraction prices. 
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